Virtual Online Coaching with Shondra

Virtual Online Coaching with Shondra

Title 40 Minute Session

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Are you seeking some type of guidance? Someone or something to help you steer through the every day stress life can bring, moments of doubt, insecurity, decision making, goal setting, follow through and more? I think we all can use a person like this to help with these things as it's not always easy to remain in a state of self love or to stay hyper focused to not stray from our path in moments of frustration. It's a common belief and part of our pride to want to "do it all by yourself" but truth be told, it's difficult to do everything without a support system. And sometimes, it's best to have that NOT be a family member or life partner but rather someone outside, who inspires you and is simply there to hold you accountable through your journey. I will now be offering a new Life Coaching and Mentoring service. These sessions can be booked for either online and will be conducted in a virtual zoom conference video chat while the shop temporarily closed. The service will continue once we open and can be booked either the same way or in person once the lockdown releases. These sessions will include and not limited to the following: *talk therapy discussions that will help reveal what blockages you are experiencing that may be holding you back *journaling exercises for self love, personal growth, manifestation and guidance to help you obtain your goals and a promise to hold you accountable *crystal and reiki energetic healing if wanted *stretching and breathing exercises for stress and tension relief