Brow Service Pricing

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Read below for detailed information on all our brow services.
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Brow Tint/Henna: Color of the brow hairs $40.00 |Reserve Now
Brow Tweezing /Cleanup: Whether you like a fully waxed eyebrow, or tweezing- Let your technician create the perfect shape. $15.00-20.00 |Reserve Now|
Brow Shaping :Upgrade your brows by letting your technician map and style how we feel your brow will enhance your features. This includes tinting, waxing with one of our crystal infused waxes, or tweezing and lightly penciling in what is needed with a styling gel. ​$40.00 |Reserve Now|
Brow GoddessReceive the "Brow Shaping Service" and receive a mini lesson on how to glam your brows at home. A Customized Brow Stencil will be made for you during the appointment for you to take home, along with a Brow Pencil ​$70.00 |Reserve Now|
Brow SculptingBrow extensions are used to fill in what might be missing from your brow area. These are intended for events as the oils in skin break down the adhesive. Extensions can hold up to 2 weeks on existing hair. $45.00 |Reserve Now|

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