Class Pricing and Ashram Etiquette

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The Love & Light Ashram- "Authenticity FIRST".
Welcome to the Love and Light Ashram. We are happy to provide a safe space to offer small intimate groups or private classes for yoga, meditations, sound healing therapy and a variety of workshops. More importantly, this has become a space for the community to build relationships in outdoor events such as yoga, meditations, reiki shares and more to come such as hikes and community clean-ups. A perfect opportunity for you to go at your own pace in a small class and avoid an overwhelmed setting, or attend a workshop to build your character and bring awareness to your well-being. 
In Studio Class Card Rates (all classes are reservation only, no drop ins at this time)
One Single Reservation: $25.00
3 Classes: $60.00 | 6 Classes: $108.00 | 12 Classes: $180.00
Class cards must be used 3 months after purchase date.
The Ashram Experience (must be used month of purchase)
This trial package lets you experience: 
2 Yoga Classes, 1 Moon Ritual or Meditation Class and 1 Stretch Class | $80.00 |
*Please be aware that instructors are subject to change and that certain workshops may not be eligible for class card use. Be sure to check the online schedule for any changes to specific dates or added classes. Daily class updates and changes are added to our designated instagram for the love and light ashram room: @loveandlightashram or on our business IG @amethystbeautylounge
- As we build the schedule back up, we would love honest feedback about the classes being taught as well as schedule suggestions. Please help us understand what classes you are looking for by answering a brief survey while you come visit us.


- Due to the class sizes, we highly recommend booking in advance to avoid arriving to a fully booked class.
- Class is based on first come, first serve. In the event of a fully booked class, a walk-in can wait for all pre-booked reservations to sign in. If a pre-booked student does not check in 5 minutes to the start of class, that space will become available to the walk-in student.
- To avoid disruption to teachers and student, the doors will close 2 minutes prior to the start of class, to allow students and teacher to focus for class.

- Our facility is a shoe and phone free facility, please wear socks outside of the ashram room. We use whisper tones as much as we can.

- personal storage space is limited. Please bring only what you might need for class. There are no public showers, however there is a public bathroom that is available to students before or after class.

- Students will have to sign a general waiver as well as company policy at their first visit.

Please be mindful that some classes on the schedule do not accept drop ins or have a higher drop in rate.



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