The Leaves are Falling (And so are my lashes)...

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The Leaves Are Falling (and So are My Lashes)!

Updated: Sep 27, 2018 Hello Lash Addicts, So although I will be providing new blogs, this one is very important around this time of year.

Written and Published by Jussie D. Artistry of Amethyst Lounge

October 21st, 2015 (On Tumblr: Original Transcript)

Reposted September 26th, 2018 below:


Fall is quickly approaching. Your lashes don't have to suffer- Start preparing lash addicts!


Written and Published by Jussie D. Artistry of Amethyst Lounge

October 21st, 2015 (On Tumblr)

Reposted September 26th, 2018 below:

*This article has been recently edited as people wanted to know my sourcing. I also have re-worded it to show MY perspective on the situation.)

Ah, my favorite time of the year- perfect weather, pumpkin flavored everything, beautiful fall foliage and… wait, ^$*#^@ why are my lashes falling out so much!?!?!?“


Admit it, some of you lash addicts are freaking out a bit. All of a sudden, you wake up and there is a clump of lashes on your pillow.


Most first instinct reactions go like this” oh my god! This has to be a new product my lash artist is using. It is all her fault. My lashes are ALWAYS on point! My lashes are RUINED “

(A bit dramatic, right? This is what I hear when someone questions me about shedding cycles. Even though you don’t verbalize it this way- THIS is exactly how it sounds to me).

And this isn’t the traditional 3-5 lash loss per day ratio. We are talking clumps of lashes that look like your natural lashes are completely ruined and you feel like you should stop getting the service done all together.


Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered and I am here to take care of you!


Although not entirely scientifically proven, from years of lashing I tend to notice a significant change with the seasons. You can also read this article I found my sources from here. This one stating change of season and shedding increases:

 And then there is this article, that has a complete different perspective saying it doesn’t make a difference:

Oh the internet- giving us fifteen million different perspectives! So what is fact, and what is fiction? 


THIS IS MY “PERSPECTIVE” ON THE FALL SHED: Just for fun and my two cents after years of seeing similar patterns with certain clients around this time of year. If anyone is a pet owner here you will know that you are probably cleaning your house more frequently at this time. With the change of season, our pets bodies are reacting to the change and growing in a new coat for the upcoming season.  Don’t you think we would have the same reaction? I think some of us do! Although not proven, I have seen it.


HOWEVER, let us weigh the different options and conclusions. With change of weather, comes allergy season for most (didn’t we JUST go through this?) which could lead to touching and rubbing of the eyes more which could cause lash fallout and premature shedding and now COLD season… (our bodies are sensors to everything that surrounds us. So as we wind down from summer weather, our body is sending signals to focus energy to things like our immune system, to keep it working properly. Or prepping our body to stay warm because it is starting to get chilly… They don’t care about our beautiful eyelashes!) If you have a weakened immune system, or your body is stressed out in any way, new medications, new skin care products - people who are dry tend to reach for the super hydrating oily stuff at this time, I know I do!… this could ALL lead to premature shedding.

So if this “Fall Shed” is false, let’s continue to weigh the options.


Like stated above, your “routine” might change seasonally. As a consumer, really think about how your habits change. Make sure you are using the proper aftercare at home. If you are using anti aging creams with Retinols or Glycols… keep it away from your lashes. And be sure if there is something health- wise that changes (a new medication) Let your lash professional know! We are here to help, always!


* A SIDE NOTE TO LASH PROFESSIONALS:  With the change of season coming to effect, it is important for us lash professionals to make sure our room is at the correct temperature, our humidity levels are spot on and that our adhesive is being used following the distributors orders and replaced as needed. It is also important that when we notice new growth of lashes that we are not weighing down the lashes with too heavy of extensions, or that the length isn’t too long. These tips will help your clients that are maybe experiencing retention issues.)


So Consumers, how do we “fix” your “problem”? Well, us lash professionals cannot “fix” it because it isn’t a “problem”- It is you going through a completely natural shedding cycle. Some people just experience it a lot worse than others. However, we can make different choices and protocol to ensure your lashes are staying nice and healthy! This means proper aftercare at home and making sure you are cleaning the lash line daily. If you are a makeup wearer, making sure that all makeup is off before you go to sleep. If you feel like a lash boost or serum needs to be added to your daily routine, it is totally possible.


This also might mean going shorter for the change of season, or changing up diameters a bit. So if you are a classic extension wearer and like a super full look, chances are a nice 2-3D volume set might be the route you want to go as you won’t be getting the same fullness with a lighter diameter lash (That’s right! I am cutting off your .15/.18 privileges! ) (Edit 2018: no more .18s for you- We rarely use over a .15 diameter at Amethyst Lounge these days. Then you option is healthy, fluffy volume if those classic lashes don't cut it for you.)


Most likely you will not like that decision if you are a classic lash wearer-or this is a perfect opportunity to try something new! Or if you are a volume wearer and we have to tone it down due to the change of season, you might not like it either, you will be okay I promise. The lash extension professional knows what is best for you and your lash health, right? And we don’t want to cause damage, right?


The answer is yes, lash addicts. It is always yes in this situation.

So please lash addicts, listen to your technician. We know what is best for you!


Love, Light & Lashes,

Jussie D. Artistry-

Owner of Amethyst Lounge, LLC and Amethyst Lash Academy

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