The Epic Lash Battle- Volume Vs. Classic! (which team are you on?)

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The Epic Lash Battle- Volume Vs. Classic! (which team are you on?)

Written and Published by Jussie D. Artistry of Amethyst Lounge

September 2nd, 2015 (On Tumblr)

Reposted September 27th, 2018 below:


*This particular post is a great way to see the difference between classic and Russian volume, but keep an eye out for an updated 2018 version as we will have an even better visual of the transitions- With more realistic options for the everyday wearer, to the most extreme. Enjoy for now!*


Lash Extensions, the fastest growing beauty service in the market!  Industry professionals from all over the world are constantly doing research to bring the latest and greatest for our consumers- heck, now we have Brow Extensions! blog below). Extensions have come a long way, the industry is constantly improving fabulous products on the market and new techniques. So, which is better? Classic Vs. Volume? They have entirely different looks, and both are absolutely stunning. The options are so versatile, and the choice is completely yours. Either way, you will look flawless. Take a look at the details and photos below to see which one best fits your lash needs.

(photo altered below to show volume and classic side by side).

Which one are you?

Traditional Classic 1:1 Extensions (1 synthetic fiber per 1 natural lash)  Traditional classic eyelash extensions are individual synthetic fibers that are attached with a medical grade adhesive to your natural lashes, individually (not to the skin). They grow, rest and shed with your natural hair cycle. Classic synthetic fibers come in multiple lengths which range from 6mm-16mm, 5 eyelash structures (from basic curl to a deep curl), 6 different diameters (thicknesses) and multiple colors which can enhance your eye color, or even add a little sparkle for your special event! 

Synthetic Mink, Synthetic Silk, Matte or Shiny are available for those clients who want a specific look to their extensions. A Full Set of Classic Extensions is booked for 2 hours, making sure every natural lash has an extension. 


(EDIT: September 26th, now in 2018, we NEVER go over a .15 at Amethyst Lounge)


Russian Volume (2D:1 - 6D:1) Extensions (2-6+ synthetic fibers per 1 natural lash) Introducing the amazing technique of  volume eyelash extensions! Jussie D. Artistry proudly holds 5 certifications with this amazing technique that allows softness along with the volume. This European style has been around for years but is now introducing itself to the U.S. market the last few years. The same technique follows “traditional classic” in proper isolation of your natural lashes to allow your lash cycle to not be compromised. Soft, Full, Comfortable & for some, better retention than classic extensions. Perfect for those who have weak lashes yet want fullness.This procedure allows 2-6  (sometimes more, depending on the dramatic effect and health of the natural state of lashes) synthetic fibers per lash.  Multiple fibers can be attached to one natural lash because the weight of  multiple volume synthetic fibers can equal the weight of one classic diameter lash). The synthetic silk or synthetic mink lashes are soft to the touch, and are used in the .05 - .12 diameter (6 diameters to choose from). Each diameter can create a different look for different people, along with 6 curl types 11 lengths to chose from. Soft to the touch, comfortable and extreme volume! A full set of volume lash extensions can vary from 2-4 hours.

Model is wearing on right eye .07 AND .05 C/D CURL LENGTHS 8-13 WERE USED IN THIS 3-5 D VOLUME SET. 3 HOUR APPLICATION TIME.

Same Model, Different Looks! So Which Team Are You On?

Love, Light & Lashes,

Jussie D. Artistry-

Owner of Amethyst Lounge, LLC and Amethyst Lash Academy

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