Lash Extension Maintenance Q & A's

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Learn how to maintain your investments and keep up with your new lash addiction!
HOW OFTEN SHOULD I BOOK A LASH FILL? Lash fill appointments maintain your new lash addiction by keeping them full and are to be booked every 2-4 weeks. If you are someone that wants to only book 60 minute timeframes, this is only available every 2 weeks, otherwise it is recommended to book 90-150 minute increments to ensure absolute fullness of your lashes at all times.
WHY DO I NEED TO BOOK FILLS? Naturally our lashes go through a natural shedding cycle anywhere between 30 and 90 days. Keeping up with regular fills will allow the professional to remove old growth of extensions and add additional extensions. At the time of your fill you will have lashes that have shed from the time of your lash appointment, but you will have new growth as well.
I REALLY LIKED MY LASHES THE LASH TIME, BUT CAN WE CHANGE IT UP? The short answer, yes! We are the lash fairies waving our magic tweezers and we want you to be happy, but we also need to be completely transparent. We will never subject your lashes to anything that causes lash damage. If you are requesting something unrealistic, we will be honest with you as to why that would not be the best decision (too heavy, unflattering shape, etc). We will however find a happy medium that will give you what you are looking for to benefit your lashes health and accentuate the right features. Please let us know at the start of the appointment if you would like any changes or issues, there is nothing worse than being halfway through your appointment to be asked to change something (or even worse, if you reacted to something last time). We might be lash fairies, but we are technically human with only a certain amount of time booked.
WATER IS YOUR LASH LINES FRIEND! First things first, let's sweep that old wife's tale of "not getting your lashes wet for 24 hours" under the rug real quick. Your lashes are 100% okay to become wet immediately (no need to wait 24 hours). The only reason this was a thing 15+ years ago is because professional products were not where they are today. Scientifically speaking- the water would make the adhesive bond (cyanoacrylate) crumble because it wasn't fully cured once a client left their appointment, causing the bonding area to become brittle over time. Times have changed, and those lashes should be clean as a whistle!
At Amethyst Lounge, professionals actually cleanse your lash line before and after application. The first cleanse allows any debris on the lash line to be removed to allow a perfect bonding surface. The second cleanse removes potential irritants from your eyes, this will help prevent potential irritation or allergic reactions from occurring from lash pad use or adhesive (*Please note this is not a guarantee and reactions can happen just like food allergies). We cure the adhesive with a fine nano-mister/water nebulizer, so you are good to go!
CLEANSING YOUR LASHES WITH JUST WATER WON'T CUT IT We mean this with all the love in our hearts, you should be refilling that little bottle of cleanser with us about once a month. Water alone will not remove debris from your lash line, especially if you are wearing makeup. Luckily, cleansing doesn't need to be so difficult. We have two options available for our clients- A foaming cleanser that requires water to rinse, or a spray that is applied to your brush and applied to your lash line to dissolve debris. Either one you choose (some like both and rotate), one should be used frequently. This will extend the wear time, we promise.
AFTER YOU WASH YOUR LASHES, PLEASE GIVE THEM A LITTLE LOVE- Use that little cute mascara wand we gave you at your appointment to brush your lashes back into place. However, wait a couple minutes for your lashes to be dry before brushing those babies. Also, remember to recycle your lash wands after a while and replace it (you know, don't drop it on your car floor and use it again type situation)... Just ask us at the end of your appointment for a new one if we forget to give it to you.
IF YOU WEAR MAKEUP, YOU WILL NEED MORE MAINTENANCE If you wear makeup on a regular basis, your maintenance will be more demanding. First, you must use a friendly makeup remover to remove debris, then a lash cleanser to remove the excess oil. You also will probably need to come in more frequently because at the end of the day, lash extensions are meant to prevent the use of excessive makeup. 
TOUCHING YOUR FACE IS A BAD HABIT, ESPECIALLY FOR YOUR LASHES If there is one thing we learned in 2020, it is that many of us excessively touch our face. That becomes problematic in this busy society, because many of us have unknown germs without knowing it (how many of you are scrolling through this on your phone right now)? Touching your eyes can lead unnecessary oils to your lash line but also lead to unknown infections. Touch your eyes as little as possible. Rubbing your eyes or touching your extensions obsessively by pulling at them will only cause them to fall out prematurely, and could cause damage to your natural lashes down the line.
AND REMEMBER, EXTENSIONS ARE A LUXURY SERVICE- TREAT YOURSELF LIKE THE LASH QUEEN YOU ARE- YOU DESERVE IT!  * Lash extensions are a high maintenance service for a low maintenance daily routine. No maintenance will require more maintenanceWe recommend pre-booking multiple lash fills in advance to avoid disappointment of not getting in on time. Please note improperly caring for your new extensions may require a new set.
We welcome you to the lash addicts club, you will be so happy you joined.
Love, Light and Lashes,
Jussie D. Artistry- published 7/17/2021

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