Lash Extensions 101

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Lash Extension 101

Updated: Sep 27, 2018

All The Questions You Never Ask A Lash Artist Before Investing in Lashes, But Should!


Written and Published by Jussie D. Artistry of Amethyst Lounge

September 5th, 2015 (On Tumblr)

Reposted September 26th, 2018 below:


“Am I a suitable client for lash extensions?”

Yes! Lash Extensions are great for everyday wear for both men and women, and are also a great pick me up for special occasions. They are also wonderful for cancer survivors, or those that are on final treatment that have any sign of hair growth. For the consumer that has thinning lashes, extreme hair loss due to stress or Alopecia, lash extensions are a solution. However, lash extensions will be chosen properly for your lash health to prevent causing damage. Jussie D. Artistry recommends a lash conditioner to use with extensions (available for purchase), as they will help your natural lash strength and cause the extensions to sometimes last longer.  Justine will advise on what is best for you and the integrity of your natural lashes while catering to your facial structure, eyes and  facial shape.  

“I have allergies- Can I still wear extensions?”

Yes. Jussie D. Artistry only uses a pharmaceutical grade adhesive, made in the USA at FDA regulated facilities. Fume free adhesive options are available, and people with sensitive eyes or allergies can come in for a patch test and to discuss the options available.  

“How safe is the procedure?”

The procedure of lash extensions is very safe and with little discomfort from a Certified Specialist. Jussie D. Artistry keeps the consumers well being in mind, and uses only top grade quality product. Lash Extensions that are not applied properly can damage your natural lash health which is what Jussie D. avoids. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) Forms are available for all products Jussie D. Artistry uses in the even that they are requested.

“Two hours or more?! OMG, why so long?!”

In the two hours (or more, depending if you are receiving classic or volume extensions), the technician will isolate and separate each of your individual lashes, one by one. By the time the two hours is up, every single lash that could have possibly been lashed, is- No Lash Left Behind! Every single hair is lashed due to us all having different stages of hair growth. the technician does not know if you are going through a growth stage when you first come in, so by lashing every lash it prolongs the time in between your visits. Fills are between 40 minutes-1 ½ hours.

“How long will these extensions last?”

Lash extensions can last anywhere between 2 weeks and 4 weeks. You might even have a couple extensions that will hold on for dear life for up to 8 weeks, and they will typicially last as long as your growth cycle lasts.

“How do I prepare for my appointment?”

A consultation form will be filled out (available on online)You should arrive to your appointment with clean lashes and no eye creams, makeup or liner. Drying / Curing time of the extensions is between 2-4 hours unless directed otherwise by your technician.    

“ How do I care for my new fantastic lashes?”

Caring for your lashes is super easy! Top lash extension products for your aftercare are all available for purchase at Jussie D. Artistry, and it is highly recommended if Lash Extensions are going to be part of your lifestyle.  Cleansing your lashes as you would your own is key to the life of your extensions. If you like sleeping on your back, that is already a big plus to the longevity of your extensions! Pre-booking your follow- up appointment is recommended, to avoid disappointment if you cannot get in last minute.

“ What should I NOT do with my new extensions?”

Avoiding cleansing of the lashes or letting makeup, mascara, or liner sit on them overnight can cause deterioration of the extensions, causing the length of wear to be shortened. It can also cause wear and tear on your own lashes.   Waterproof or water resistant mascaras should NEVER be used on the extensions at any time. Curling, twisting or pulling of the extensions is not recommended as removing them without professional assistance may damage your natural lashes. It is advisable if you are habitually picking at your extensions, that you discontinue having lash extensions applied.  

"So I liked my extensions the last time, but I think I might want to change up the style..."

We have all been there before: A bad breakup or a new life changing situation, causes us to change up our hair, our wardrobe… It doesn’t change with extensions! We all at some point have a gala to attend… or maybe they were just a tad bit dramatic for you last time! You aren’t married to your extensions, and you can do whatever you want with them! A consultation is initially done beforehand to find out what your lash needs and wants are at your first appointment, and the proper lash style will be recommended. Your lashes go through different cycles all the time, which may result in your lashes looking slightly different every time. So Glam it up, or Dress it down! Just know, It is not recommended to exceed twice the length or thickness of your natural lashes, so if the consumer wants something completely unrealistic to what can be safely done, the consumer knows that the extension life cycle will not be as long, nor will the results be effective long term.  

“So I can’t just apply these myself?”

Lash Extensions should only be applied by a certified technician, as it is a specialty service and there is a lot of safety precautions involved whilst working around the eye area. Research should be done thoroughly to make sure your technician is rightfully certified and insured. Lash extensions are not the same as strip or cluster/flare lashes, which can easily be mistaken for lash extensions due to false advertising these days. Strip Lashes and clusters/flares are applied using a latex/sillicone base glue for one day use only.  Lash Extensions are applied with a bonding agent that is a cyanoacrylate base, and are ONLY bonded to hair- Not the skin, and can last up to four weeks.

“My Lash Artist Did My Set In 20 Minutes- She Must Be Amazing!” If your “full set” of lash extensions took no more than 25 minutes and cost you no more than $40.00… You most likely don’t have lash extensions on and have fallen as a common victim of false advertisement. Some salons will glue the lashes directly to the lash line without any separation, or even worse, your skin and lashes. They will use hair glue, nail glue or sometimes get access to lash extension bonding agents through a black market. They should feel comfortable, you shouldn’t feel anything on your lid at all, minimal glue should be used, and only bonding agent meant for extension application this is extremely dangerous and can damage the eye and lashes. Research is key when looking for your lash artist.

“So I found this promotional site & they are doing the same service for MUCH cheaper- Do you run any promotions?”

Ah yes, you must be referring to some Groupon and Living Social promotions. Amethyst Lounge does not run promotions on sites like this, BUT if you like us on facebook, find us on instagram and twitter and sign up for our newsletter, last minute in house promotions happen! Sometimes a last minute cancelation is your lucky day! Sites such as Groupon and Livingsocial tend to get newer artists that are building their businesses. Unfortunately with heavy deal sites, this might mean your service time might not be fulfilled because the artist overbooks, you will have less lash time and a not so fantastic experience. You get what you pay for- Experience and time . Jussie D. Artistry knows Lashes, and If you have had a horrible lash experience, Amethyst Lounge would be happy to give you a better one. Please do not hesitate in calling for a consultation.

Love, Light & Lashes,

Jussie D. Artistry-

Owner of Amethyst Lounge, LLC and Amethyst Lash Academy

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