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I want to become a Loyal Lash Addict- How do I know which service is best for me?​

We have a variety of lash enhancement services for everyones' personal needs and budgets.Prices will range for the type of service reserved and are based on technicians' 15+ years of expertise. Amethyst Lounge serves home to Amethyst Lash Academy where we pride ourselves on specialty lash services. All of our technicians are fully certified and licensed in the state of Connecticut.

This information will hopefully help you figure out whether or not you want classic extensions, volume extensions, a lash lift or a little mix of both.f you are still unsure after reading this- We would be happy to help you with your decision process.

Lash Extensions have been cultivated as one of the top beauty trends! Viewed as a luxury item, it then quickly becomes a necessity for clients (the addiction is real). The service you are looking for will vary depending on what style you are looking for, how patient you are to lay for your lash nap and what your price point is.

We believe in quality lashes. Our appointments are based on your initial consultation, where we start the initial designing of your extensions by studying your features and learning about your lifestyle (no one set is like the other). Your initial investment appointment will be booked at a minimum of 2 hours and your maintenance appointments (booked 2-4 weeks later) are a minimum of 90 minutes. All full sets come with your starter aftercare kit. We believe in cruelty free beauty- All of our lashes are made of a synthetic fiber that can mimic a "silk" or "mink" texture.


Classic Lash Extensions require the isolation and placement of one extension on each of your natural eyelashes. This allows them to grow, rest and shed with your natural lash cycle. We have one classic set available the can be customized to the clients needs. This set is perfect if you are looking for flirty lashes that give you length and or texture and you aren’t concerned with enhancing the density of your natural lashes.


If you are requiring a denser lash line, Volume Lash Extensions are an advanced technique requiring the lash specialist to hand make each lash fan while still placing them on your natural lashes safely. Our four different volume sets cater to a variety of clientele- Whether you are looking for basic lash reconstruction to offset previous lash damage, you work in the corporate field and want to look professional at your next meeting, you stay at home with your little one and you can’t be bothered to layer on  the makeup, or maybe you are in the entertainment industry and you need extra glam. Whatever the case, we have a set just for you.

This time consuming craft can take anywhere from 2-4+ hours depending on the set you are booking and your budget. Whether you are looking to extend the length of your naturals or if you are wanting to add fullness to your lash line without the extra weight, we have you covered.

|Lash Extensions Investment| $225.00-$410.00, 5 full set options available ranging from 2-4 hours. Maintenance Appointments Every 2-4 Weeks from $100.00-$205.00 for 60-150 Minute timeframes.



Eyelash Lifts are a great start for those that simply don’t know if extensions are for them and are a great way to start the lash addiction. This process uses professional grade products to curl and tint your natural lashes, it takes about an hour and the maintenance appointments are every 6-8 weeks.

|Lash Lift Investment| $130.00 for One Hour. Maintenance Appointments Every 6-8 Weeks for one hour at $130.00. 

Lash Fairy Dust Introducing our new service, perfect for those that can't make up your mind between extensions or a lift? If you are looking for only a slight enhancement, such as for an event- this might be the service for you! Receive the last lift and tint service and after the lash fairy will wave her magic tweezers for 30 minutes, sprinkling in some extensions. The maintenance timeframe remains the same, 6-8 weeks for a lint/tint and 2-4 weeks for extensions.

|Fairy Dust Investment| $185.00 for 90 Minutes

Consultation | Waitlist
At Amethyst Lounge we happily offer an in depth consultation prior to all of our clients' first lash set/s. This is to ensure the best results while we give our professional expertise and properly assess what we believe is the best and healthiest service for the client at this moment. We also use this time to provide a patch test to learn of possible (but rare) sensitivities to our professional grade products if the client wants it. Please note patch tests are no guarantee, as anyone can become allergic to anything at any time. Also, please note if you are preparing for a special event (i.e. such as a wedding)- Same week appointments will not be accepted and will require advanced booking prior to your event.

Within your consultation we will discuss whether you are looking for a perfect line with uniformity to create a dense liner look, or a textured lash line that is somewhat wispy, but soft and has the appearance of being barely there. Whatever your daily lifestyle is and career, we have a set that is meant for you while maintaining your natural lashes' health.

Are you a "Lash Traveler" and had a previous experience elsewhere that didn't meet your expectations? Maybe you are traveling through the area and need a fill. We would love to see you and turn that frown upside down! Clients coming from other locations should prepare their initial visit with us being 120 minutes or longer to allow a proper consult. 

Did you already book a lash set with us but are unsure it is the right one for you? Or do you want lashes but have no idea which set to book? Not to worry, we will consult and find the perfect set selection for you prior to the start of your appointment! We use that time to find out if you like a clean lash line with uniformity, a dense liner look... Maybe you want lashes that are soft but barely there, or a textured lash line that's somewhat wispy. Our job is to make sure you look your best with your natural lash health in mind. 

Are you looking for just a consultation? We no longer offer in- depth complimentary lash set consultations, however your non-refundable deposit will be placed towards a set or lash service of your choice if you move forward in booking an appointment.

We promise, it is worth the addiction. |Book Your Consultation Today|

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