The Final 92 to get back to YOU! Challenge

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Alright ... take out those Dreambooks. If you have been using it all year, nice job. We are going to get deeper with the Ritual.

If not, that's OK too .... Really. Somethings take getting used to and guidance so ... Dust it off cause your gonna use it now.

I said this challenge would have you Reconnect Revisit, Reflect, Reevaluate, Revise, REACH ... and I'm adding Reinforce in there. Here's how we hit the mark.

RECONNECT | The following things are meant to help you reconnect with yourself, your goals and overall well being. I encourage you to do these every single day over the course of the next 92 days. Maybe some will even stick for good. You do not have to check in and prove it. But mark it in your book complete or incomplete. Honor system 😘

*get up & move your body for minimum of 30 mins each day. This does not have to be a crazy workout every time. Take a walk, stretch, dance in your kitchen while singing at the top of your lungs, roller skate, yoga, Light or Heavy workout class ... you get the point?  Just get up & move my friends. 💃

* turn your phone OFF one day a week. (Yes, I'm serious, OFF). That's 13 days over the course of 3 months with no disruption so that you can make tangible progress. Choose one day you are willing to turn on do not disturb and get back to YOU without all the unnecessary distractions. I promise they can wait and that if something REALLY important needs to find you,  it will. It always did before smart phones existed. 😉

* delete the Facebook app from your phone. Don't make excuses ... DO IT. It's only temporary ... or maybe you'll find it beneficial long term. Either way ... Promise you won't die. DO IT 🤪

* write down 1 intention daily (the intention should be relative to your overall goal for the challenge which is detailed below) & 3 gratitudes each day. Big or small,  doesn't matter just acknowledge them in writing, in their designated areas in your Dreambook ✍

REVISIT | Go back and look at what goals you set out to achieve when the year began.

* give yourself GRACE and make it mandatory to NOT judge or be discouraged in anyway. Whatever you did or didn't do is not the end of the world. Simply take note. We are ALL works in progress and the process should be FUN! 🥳

REFLECT | Take a moment to think about the past 9 months. What has happened both good or difficult that shifted you from your initial goals or are you right on track of where you thought you would be?

* go to the back of your Dreambook,  there is a 2 page reflection worksheet ... do it. I know the year isn't over but I believe there is more value in doing this now than later because it allows you the space needed to end the year powerfully and with a sense of accomplishment. 📒

REEVALUATE | Now that you have reviewed your original goals, decide what still ACTUALLY matters to you. If they all still do, cool. If only one does,  cool ... if none do, also cool. No matter what find your WHY. ⁉️

REVISE | Now that you have reevaluated and reestablished your why, determine & choose ONE measurable goal that can be completed by December 31st with commitment & dedication.  ONLY ONE!  1️⃣

* challenge yourself while being realistic. Do not pick something you can do in a week but also don't choose something that clearly requires 6 months to a year. You're smart, choose wisely 🤓

* remember that daily intention mentioned earlier ... this is the goal that intention should revolve around. We are attempting to do one thing each day to move the needle forward. ➡️

REACH | Now is time to GET TO WORK! You have 92 days starting October 1st #yougotthis ⏳

REINFORCE | Remember, we are all here for each other for support. When things get tough, you need to be talked off a ledge, need advice or simply want to share and celebrate the wins ... you have this group for reinforcement.  Never forget it 👯‍♀️

Lastly, since it my challenge, I want you to enjoy & appreciate some set challenges unrelated to your personal goal that will make a positive impact for you & the world as a collective.
Below are 13 challenges for the 3 months. That's 1 per week.


Since this challenge begins on Friday, each weekly challenge is to be completed by end of day Thursday of each week. And yes ... there will be incentives 🤪

Good Luck & Have FUN! 🤟☮💚🕉🧘‍♀️

Week 1: Complete a list of who you will purchase gifts for this holiday season & set a spending budget. Be mindful when doing this and set one that will not make your life more difficult come 2/3 months from now.

Week 2: Research & Choose 3 to 5 small businesses you will support this holiday season in place of corporate monstrosities. Small business is the heart of our country and while many have been destroyed over the past 2 years, the families of those still standing will appreciate the gestures more than amazon EVER will.

*Note: Attempt to research items so that you can complete 80% of your shopping at the small businesses. **need suggestions. I've got tons. For all ages/genders. Gifting is my love language.

Week 3: Sign up & try a class you've never tried before.

Week 4: Take yourself on a date ... alone.

*Note this does not include grabbing a to go coffee ... spend minimum of 2 hours alone somewhere doing something you would typically do with someone else. Dinner. Movie etc you get the point ...

Week 5: Drink ONLY water or cold pressed juice for the entire week. That's it. No coffee. No booze. No soda.

*Note: If you use electrolytes in water that's cool. If you want a clean caffeine suggestion for your water, ask me, Ive got your back.

Week 6: Book yourself a self care appointment. This can be a service or therapist but I encourage you to try something new or that you don't get as often as you might like.

Week 7: Review a small business you love on Google. You have no idea how much this helps their success.

Week 8: Here's your chance ... go snag those deals for Black Friday (week) at all those small businesses you chose so you can stay on budget. Aim to finish you holiday shopping this week ... especially since we know shipping, supply and demand is only getting worse. Even MORE reason to shop local and small.

Week 9: Meditation week. While this is healthy to do daily, commit to doing a group one this week. Holiday season is known to throw people off their alignment. It's good sometimes to join forces as a collective and help restore some balance.

*Hint: we have one at ABL this week ... but if you prefer somewhere else that's fine too. Just dedicate to making it to one.

Week 10: Buy yourself a gift withOUT guilt. We work really hard. One thing that brings you joy. Doesn't have to be expensive but I'm not judging you if it is.

Week 11: Pay it forward to a stranger (buy a coffee, grocery item, gas etc) Karma is REAL ...

Week 12: Be with FAMILY, whatever that means. Blood or chosen. But give those you love the most undivided attention possible during this holiday week. Play games. Take photos. Make memories.

Week 13: declutter 13 items from closet and or home (more if you like) I'm sure you just received lots of beautiful new things and it's a good time to donate the old to those less fortunate.

*Note: we always accept donation bags at ABL and get them to the right places for them to be distributed.

Again, Thanks so much for joining me in this challenge. Can't wait to hear all about everyone's experience ✌

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