Moon Ritual Workshops and Amethyst Moon Ritual Boxes

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Quarterly Moon Workshop Description
Join Jussie in this quarterly workshop that will help you understand the moon cycles, and help you set your intentions for each quarter. This workshop will help you manifest what you have been dreaming of while paying specific attention to the moons energy to help guide you. Each quarter is specified to that quarters specific cycle and astrology chart.
Amethyst Moon Quarterly Ritual Box Description
Introducing our Amethyst Moon Rituals Quarterly Subscription Box crafted by Jussie. Have you ever been called to work with the energy of the elements to manifest your desires? Do you want to learn more about the power of manifesting what you want, releasing old beliefs or maybe just dive in deeper to your ritual practices?
This quarterly box is 3 months worth of rituals. We have thought ahead for you for one whole quarter to give you the perfect experience. Perfect for the beginners and amazing for the seasoned, this box is already catered to the moon cycles we will be experiencing for the upcoming season.
Each box  is 3 months worth of rituals and will assist your monthly practices and have exactly the tools you need for the optimal ritual practices. There will also be special limited time quarterly add ons at a reduced rates (for box members only).
We are all moon worshipping, crystal loving, manifesting gods and goddesses... It is time to unbox the magic.
Quarterly Moon Workshop Pricing
Workshop Schedule
| Wednesday, December 29, 2021 | Thursday, March 31, 2022 |
| Thursday, June 23, 2022 | Thursday, September 29, 2022 |
        6:00-8:30 PM
$222.00 per 150 Minute workshop. 4 per year = $888.00
  Purchase all four workshops in a subscription package and save $80.00
      Amethyst Moon Ritual Quarterly Box Pricing and Delivery Schedule
| December (For January - March) | March (For April-June) |
| June (July - September) | September (October - December) |
$222.00 per quarter. 4 per year= $888.00
Purchase all four quarterly boxes a subscription for $777.00 and save $100.00
Quarterly Moon Ritual Workshop AND Quarterly Ritual Box Bundle
Register for all four Workshops and four Boxes For The Year for $1414.00
  Saving $362.00- is this too much?- 4 installments 353.50?

Monthly Amethyst Moon Ritual Box
A perfect gift idea or to introduce yourself to monthly rituals, this box is a sneak peak of what to expect. Upgrade to the quarterly box for better value and bonuses. Add- Ons are available for additional rates if specified for that months box or if quantity of a special item is available.

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